1990’s House organ FOR SALE

House organ built by Trent Buhr (currently located in Central Illinois)

Stop List

Manual – mechanical action, all stops divided bass & treble except Dulciana

8′ Gedeckt, 8′ Dulciana, 4′ Prestant, 4′ Traverse Flute, 2′ Principal, Quint/Tierce

Pedal – unit windchest

Subbass 16′, Bourdon 8′ (Ext), Flute 4′ (Ext)

Main casework is 64-1/2″ wide by 32″ deep plus 23″ for pedalboard

Case is 85-1/2″ tall plus 13″ for molding at top (which is removeable)

Bass windchests for the Pedal Subbass are each 6″ x 24-1/2.”

The organ is presently set up and playing in Central Illinois.

For details please contact Keith@Buzardorgans.com or 217-390-4000