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Noble, solid organ sounds can only be produced by magnificent pipes. We are privileged to retain the services of Holland's and Germany's finest organ pipe makers, whose centuries of experience and craftsmanship are at our complete disposal. All our pipe-metal is of virgin stock, and nearly two times thicker than that used by most organbuilders. […] Read More

Buzard Organs features a wide array of beautiful instruments, by a number of accomplished builders. Click a link below to explore our work in greater detail […] Read More

The Great Windchest grid being cleaned in the shop before being flooded with glue. The Organ Historical Society has designated this a "National Heritage Pipe Organ" and Dr. Derek Nickels offered a recital on the instrument at which the citation was unveiled Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the church.   The Great […] Read More

The organ at Clinton Presbyterian Church was built in 1912 by the Boston, Massachussetts, firm of Hook and Hastings as their Opus 2304. It replaced another, smaller instrument by the same firm, that had been installed in 1887. In the Spring of 2003, Buzard Pipe Organ Builders undertook the first phase of mechanical restoration of […] Read More

This is an absolutely first-class instrument, built in 1891 as the Opus 1481 of the preeminent Boston firm of Hook & Hastings. Its playing mechanism is still working well after over a century of service, which has included the instrument’s relocation from its original location at the front of the chapel. Unfortunately, a 1980’s overhaul […] Read More

St. Joseph R.C. Chenoa, IL 2011 Restoration & Historically-Informed Facade Stenciling of 1905 Barckhoff Tracker at St. Joseph RC, Chenoa, IL[/two_thirds_last] Restoration of the Façade of the 1905 Barckhoff Organ Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Chenoa, Illinois David Brown, Service Foreman Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, Champaign, Illinois It has been a great privilege for Buzard […] Read More

The people at Hayes Barton United Methodist Church will always have a very special place in my heart and in our Company’s history. The Organ Committee, led by parishioner Mary Moss and Music Director Mike Trexler, fell in love with our instruments when they visited All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta, GA, our Opus 29 […] Read More

It has been a high honor to have been commissioned to build this new pipe organ for Holy Family Catholic Parish. The worship space was built in the 1970s, and seats approximately 1,000 people. A small pipe organ served them faithfully until last year, when it had to be removed so that the space could […] Read More