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Buzard Organs features a wide array of beautiful instruments, by a number of accomplished builders. Click a link below to explore our work in greater detail […] Read More

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders ❖ 217-352-1955 112 West Hill Street ❖ Champaign, IL 61820 2020 Service Projects at Buzard This has been the most unusual of years for everyone, with our entire company and Service Department of course being no exception.  We successfully shut down for several weeks and are still in business […] Read More

We are proud to have been selected as curators of this important instrument and grateful for the trust that Dr. Christine Kraemer, Organist and Rev. Jeannette DeFriest, Rector have placed in us.  Recently there was ceiling damage in the Southwest corner of the Swell division.  The church chose to have this repaired.  In order to […] Read More

Parts For Sale Inventory clearance – viewable at our Service Shop E.M. Skinner components for sale Opus 340 Pedal/Great 16' Bourdon pipes 33-61 only (50-61 metal) Opus 340 16' Bourdon chest for notes 1-16 Opus 340 16' Open Diapason chest for notes 1-13 Opus 840 16' Pedal Open chest for notes 1-7 Opus 840 16' […] Read More

The congregation of St. Paul’s Lutheran invested wisely in 1919 when they purchased Kilgen’s Opus 3004! George Kilgen started building organs in New York City in 1831, and relocated to St. Louis in 1873. His son Charles became a partner in 1885, and the firm became George Kilgen & Son. (This is what appears on […] Read More

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This organ once resided in Smith Hall on the University of Illinois at Champaign campus.  It was removed and relocated to Wesley United Methodist Church nearby in preparation of the installation of a Casavant organ in the auditorium in Smith Hall […] Read More

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Buzard Pipe Organ Builders was privileged to complete a major rebuilding project of the organ at Kenwood United Methodist Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The church's 1928/1948 Austin organ underwent the following repairs and improvements. Mechanical restoration of the front organ. Replacement of the console and relay. New chestwork for the Solo. A new 5-stop electropneumatic […] Read More