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Buzard Organs features a wide array of beautiful instruments, by a number of accomplished builders. Click a link below to explore our work in greater detail […] Read More

Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial life.  The Congregation has bonded with a Jewish Synagogue and a Muslim Mosque, purchasing land together and sharing infrastructure to create a “Tri-Faith Campus” in which Congregations from all three Abrahamic faiths live together in unity.  The Synagogue and Mosque are built; the […] Read More

The Henry Vincet Willis Organ - A National Treasure in Organbuilding The organ in the Cathedral is a significant instrument, not only within the city and diocese of Peoria, but also in the overall context of early-twentieth-century American organ building.  Tonally it is among the largest and most important instruments designed, scaled and voiced by a […] Read More

It has been a high honor to have been commissioned to design and build this exciting musical instrument for All Saints Church. During the last year, three large downtown Atlanta churches commissioned important new pipe organs. The fact that the All Saints organ is the only one of the three to be built by an […] Read More