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Buzard Organs features a wide array of beautiful instruments, by a number of accomplished builders. Click a link below to explore our work in greater detail […] Read More

The Henry Vincet Willis Organ - A National Treasure in Organbuilding The organ in the Cathedral is a significant instrument, not only within the city and diocese of Peoria, but also in the overall context of early-twentieth-century American organ building.  Tonally it is among the largest and most important instruments designed, scaled and voiced by a […] Read More

A gentleman named Baron was an English author that advocated pipe organs for all churches, even ones with limited floor space. He produced a pamphlet on Pipe Organs for small parishes entitled, "Scudamore Organs, or Practical Hints respecting organs for village churches and small chancels, on approved principles" by the Rev. John Baron, M.A. Rector […] Read More

This instrument of 43 Stops and 56 Ranks of pipes is the 37th new organ built by Buzard Pipe Organ Builders of Champaign, Illinois. The Buzard firm had been selected as the Church's builder of choice in 1991, when plans were first developed to build a new Sanctuary. In recent years, when the original Victorian […] Read More

About the Organ from the Builder The organ at St. Bede Catholic Church was the result of eight years of planning.  St. Bede Parish’s communicant strength is about 3,000 families, formerly located in a small landlocked building on the William and Mary campus.  The former site, now the University’s Newman Center, simply could not accommodate […] Read More

Sometimes things are "meant to happen." This would certainly be the case with this new pipe organ, installed in this lovely new worship space. My assistant met The Rev. David Anderson at our exhibit at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Denver, almost three years ago. Father David took my business card and […] Read More

It has been a high honor to have been commissioned to build this new pipe organ for Holy Family Catholic Parish. The worship space was built in the 1970s, and seats approximately 1,000 people. A small pipe organ served them faithfully until last year, when it had to be removed so that the space could […] Read More

The opportunity to design and build a new pipe organ for St. George's Church was a professional and personal privilege. St. George's parish had built a magnificent new church building, winning architectural awards, and becoming the pride of the Diocese only a few years before. About the time their new Church was built, we were […] Read More

Service Department Foreman Dave Brown, a second generation organbuilder, Dave spent childhood days in the factory of Brown and Arkley, Organbuilders of Sydney, visiting big projects like Brisbane City Hall (Willis) and Townsville Anglican Cathedral (B&A), and much time was spent during his teenage years helping out with new organs and rebuilding projects with his father's present firm, Ian […] Read More