Some organ projects take a long time. In the case of this undertaking, it can perhaps be said that this project has taken 110 years! It was in 1897 that the W.W. Kimball Co. of Chicago, IL installed a two manual and pedal tubular pneumatic action pipe organ in First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.   […] Read More

1950’s Schlicker organ, renovation (stage 1) in 2009 by Buzard Pipe Organ Builders Console rebuilt with new solid state relay and combination action. New Swell slider windchest, replacing existing pitman chest. New Swell 1-1/3’ Larigot in style of lost original stop. Enlargement of Swell enclosure and new electric expression engine. Restoration of reservoir and tremolo. […] Read More

I am proud to showcase a recently completed and challenging renovation project successfully accomplished by our Service and Tonal Departments, to give you a glimpse into the depth of our firm, and the differing types of projects which we regularly and successfully undertake. We have developed an outstanding national reputation for new organs, and are […] Read More

Buzard Pipe Organ Builders completed a renovation project in the spring of 2012, that included: restoration of the wind system, repairs to pipework, rebuilding of the concsole, and installation of a new solid state relay and combination action. The first organ in the church of which we have any record was built in 1912 by […] Read More

  Buzard Pipe Organ Builders has completed renovations and restorations to the Wurlitzer Theater Organ from the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, IL. The Wurlitzer Style 185 was first installed without a Tibia, as was the fashion in 1921; as the Tibia color became an essential component of movie theater organ accompaniment sound, the owners had […] Read More

This was a complete releathering, incorporation of a new relay, and included the complete cleaning of the instrument. St. John Lutheran Church, Anchor, IL – 4” wp at A440 1920 Hinners organ, rebuilt by Higgens 1952 who converted it from tubular pneumatic action to electropneumatic action. Great – 10 stop tablets 4-stop ventil stop action […] Read More

This organ had potential; however, because of less-than-ideal layout in the chambers and difficulty in access, it was decided to re-configure each organ chamber completely.  David Brown, Shop Foreman, personally re-engineered the entire organ layout.  This necessitated new reservoirs in each division, and the fabrication of new support systems, ladders, bearers and the like.  During […] Read More

Click below to watch us erect the Bosch in its new home! buzard-new-berlin-construction This beautiful instrument was originally located in the Calvary Lutheran Chapel in Madison, Wisconsin. As part of this project the organ was taken to the factory for a complete restoration including the re-leathering of the reservoirs, adjustment of the action and other […] Read More

Robinson, IL 2015 Delaware Unit Organ This charming unit organ has been recently relocated to the new sanctuary of First United Methodist Church in Robinson, Illinois […] Read More

The organ was originally located in the rear gallery of the nave of the former St. Richard of Chicester Episcopal Church, the gift of the late Edward Charles Flinn. It was built by Robert Noehren of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The original three-manual, drawknob console of walnut is of a low-profile design. The Great and Positiv […] Read More