Private Residence Oak Park 1935 Wicks Three Rank Aristocrat

Private Residence
Oak Park, IL

Repristinated Console and Shell with rebushed pedalboard

This stunning home boasts a three-floor foyer.  Nestled into the alcove is a lovely 1935 Wicks three-rank Aristocrat Opus 1311 pipe organ.  Because of its placement in the entryway of a grand Victorian home, the owner wanted the organ to look as good as its location.  The exterior of the case and console were completely refinished by our Service department’s own Stuart Weber.  The pedal board was re-bushed and the key tops resurfaced as needed.  A new blower, blower box and regulator were fabricated and provided for the instrument.  Kindly note the quatrefoil air-intake on the elegant blower and rectifier box crafted by our shop Foreman, Dave Brown!

Stop List

Great Organ
Bourdon 16 A
Flute 8 A
Salicional 8 1-12 A, 13-61 B
Dulciana 8 C, T.C.
Flute d’Amour 4 A
Violina 4 B
Piccolo 2 A
Swell Organ
Bourdon 16 A, T.C.
Quintadena 8 A @ 8 & 2 2/3
Stopped Flute 8 A
Viola 8 1-12 A, 13-61 B
Dulciana 8 C, T.C.
Flute 4 A
Dulciana 4 C
Nazard 2 2/3 A
Oboe 8 B @ 8, A @ 2 2/3
Pedal Organ
Sub Bass 16 1-12 free reeds, 13-32 A
Gedeckt 8 A
Flute 4 A
Violina 4 B
A = Stopped Wood Flute
B = Salicional
C = Dulciana
12 free reeds

All three ranks enclosed
Mechanical swell pedal
Register crescendo pedal
No couplers
No combination action
Wicks Direct Electric action
61/32 AGO-style