Construction Philosophy

A pipe organ must be mechanically reliable and last for many generations, if it is to be a permanent investment and a good steward of its funding. Every Buzard Organ is “over-engineered” and built of the highest quality materials, to withstand the test of time. Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is proud to offer one of the longest, most comprehensive, and pro-actively honored warranties in the industry—ten years. Executive Vice-President, and Chief Engineer, Charles Eames has personally supervised the building of more than 100 pipe organs. Every Buzard Organ receives Mr. Eames’ best work.

An integral part of our commitment to an organ’s longevity, as well as its artistic success, is our commitment to slider and pallet windchests, the heart of a pipe organ. Whether in mechanical or electric action applications, our slider chests offer the following advantages:

  • no leather pneumatic-pouches to replace
  • few moving parts
  • virtually unaffected by seasonal humidity changes
  • requires less space per stop
  • quiet, reliable operation
  • key channels promote better blend in the voicing and permit a subtler pipe speech
  • key channels provide for greater tuning stability

Our organ cases are made of 1 1/2 inch thick solid hardwood, for durability and proper projection of tone, and custom designed to marry the organ to your building’s architecture and interior design.

Our consoles feature superior ergonomics, consonant with American Guild of Organist standards, elegant cabinetry, keyboards, pedalboards, stop and coupler controls, and computer operated combination actions.

Our expression systems are made incredibly effective in controlling the dynamic range of the organ by the use of thick, dense materials for the expression boxes, and 2 inch thick basswood shutters, driven by solid-state servomotors.

Our winding systems, whether designed for absolute steadiness of wind pressure or for a more natural flexibility, are solidly made. Our wind-trunks are constructed of wood, rather than the more common zinc or PVC pipe, for strength and silence. Even in winding systems allowing some flexibility of pressure, the wind is always copious and steady.

Our pipe-making standards are so high, and our requirements so particular, that we have entrusted the finest pipe makers in Holland and Germany with this crucial portion of our instruments’ construction. The result is that we are able to proudly feature the best organ pipes in the world in our instruments. Highlights of our standards are outlined for you in a separate menu heading.