Artistic Philosophy

When you commission a work by an architect, sculptor, painter or stained glass artisan, you expect each of these individuals to bring a special discipline to the design and execution of each new creation. When you build an organ, you should expect that too.

We embrace a five-point methodology:

  • The organ must meet your needs, either as a concert venue or as a congregation;
  • The organ must meet the requirements for musical rendering of the literature;
  • The organ must embrace the architecture and acoustical environment of its surroundings;
  • The organ must excite all the senses, and be a living participant in the experience;
  • The organ must be a permanent investment, representing the highest quality, value, and stewardship of its resources.

For pipe organs to excite the senses and truly participate in the life of a concert hall or a congregation, the organ must be properly sited and designed, both visually and tonally. We prefer to build our organs in free-standing cases, or in a well-sited chamber, fronted by an architecturally significant, functional pipe and casework façade. The very art of organbuilding cannot be fully realized in instruments constructed in entirely enclosed or compromised locations.