Consultation Services

My Director of Sales, Keith Williams and I are expert in providing you with consultation in any area of organ building, tuning, restoration, renovations, or rebuilding.  We are both members of Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, I hold Master Organbuilder certification, and Keith is also active and well-respected in the Organ Historical Society.  Together we bring over sixty years of hands-on experience to bear on your project!  Further, the Service Department Foreman, David Brown, himself a second-generation organbuilder, often offers keen insights to small details that might have an important effect on the entire project.

We frequently provide consultations on acoustical improvements to your building, especially in conjunction with a new organ or rebuilding project for which we may be considered, and in conjunction with other design professionals.  This is an essential component of the planning process and one should involve an organbuilder from the outset.  We are qualified both as organbuilders and as organists, and each provides an important perspective to the other.  Each member of our service staff is familiar with acoustical and logistical considerations necessary to be considered in any organ project.

We are also well-qualified to provide liturgical and architectural consultation, especially as concerns the siting and placement of a new pipe organ, or one that is being considered for relocation, and integrating it with other components into your worship space.

Please contact us if you have any need for information which consultation would provide. A prospective organ project can always benefit from receiving well-considered information and opinions before the project is underway. The fee for professional time and expenses is always well worth the investment.

For more information about our consulting services, contact us.

John-Paul Buzard, President

Keith Williams, Sales Director