Current Projects

Buzard Opus 47 Countryside Community Church Omaha, Nebraska

Countryside Community Church Omaha, Nebraska   Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, Opus 47   Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial...
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Plymouth Church U.C.C. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1983 Hammes-Foxe Pipe Organ

Since 1983, Plymouth Church in Milwaukee has enjoyed the sounds of its electric-slider-action pipe organ.  It has served the congregation well in the past 30...
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1932 Möller Artiste Opus 6474 FOR SALE

For sale -Two Manual 1932 Möller Artiste, Opus 6474 3 ranks, electropneumatic action Great 8 Diapason Conique 8 Lieblich Gedeckt 8 Salicional 4 Octave Conique...
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Phelps Tracker
Five Ranks FOR SALE

Phelps Tracker Five Ranks (with an optional addition of 16′ Pedal Bourdon) Hear a sample of this organ Specification: Manual I 8 Gedeckt 4 Koppelflöte...
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1967 II / 7 Schlicker
For Sale

From 1967 until 2017 this instrument served the congregation of University Lutheran Church, West Lafayette, IN.  That congregation is moving to a new building and...
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St. Mark Lutheran Church, Watertown, Wisconsin

Please enjoy this video walking through the organ! Removing the bottom note of the wood Open Diapason from the original front chamber! The photo is...
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Buzard Opus 46
Fayetteville, Arkansas

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders announces signing of a contract to design and build its Opus 46 new organ for Central United Methodist Church in...
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