Current Projects

Trinity Lutheran, Rockford, Illinois, 1955 Casavant Opus 2314

Trinity Lutheran Church in Rockford, Illinois is proud to have a fine Casavant pipe organ to accompany congregational song.  It has faithfully served the congregation...
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Buzard Opus 47
Omaha, Nebraska

  Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial life.  The Congregation has bonded with a Jewish Synagogue and a Muslim...
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Casavant Opus 3480

Casavant Two Manual Pipe Organ Specification of Opus 3480 Great 8′ Prinzipal 8′ Hohlflöte 4′ Oktav III Mistur (spelling on original contract) Swell 8′ Erzähler...
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1967 II / 7 Schlicker
For Sale

From 1967 until 2017 this instrument served the congregation of University Lutheran Church, West Lafayette, IN.  That congregation is moving to a new building and...
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