University Lutheran Bloomington IN 1963 E.F. Holloway Organ

University Lutheran Church
Bloomington, Indiana

The organ at University Lutheran church was originally installed in 1963 by E. H. Holloway of Indianapolis. When we first examined the organ in the fall of 2002, it stood in need of a complete mechanical overhaul. After discussions with the church’s organ committee and consultant, it was agreed that a complete rebuilding project would provide the best and most reliable result that could be accomplished with the church’s available funds.

All new electric pull-down slider windchests were constructed for the Swell, Great, and straight Pedal stops. New electric-action windchests were constructed for two new unit stops (8’ Principal and 16 and 8’ Trumpet.) The instrument was reconfigured to provide room for additional pipes, as well as for service and tuning access (a feature notably lacking in the original installation.) The building frame and Swell enclosure were strengthened and extended forward. A new casework enclosure for the Pedal slider chest has been located at floor level. The console was completely rebuilt with new keyboards and a new solid state switching system and combination action.

Stop List

Great Organ
8’ Principal New
8’ Chimney Flute
4’ Octave
4’ Spitzflote
2’ Blockflote
II Sesquialtera (from F18)
8’ Trompete New
Swell Organ
8’ Gedeckt New
8’ Gemshorn
8’ Celeste
4’ Spillflote
2’ Principal
1-1/3’ Larigot
1’ Sifflote
8’ Krummhorn
Pedal Organ
16’ Subbass
8’ Principal New (Great)
8’ Pommer
4’ Principal
II Rauschquint rebuilt as 2-2/3’ – 2’ throughout
16’ Trompete New (1-12 1/2-length, 13-61 from Great)
8’ Trompete (Great)

8’ Great to Pedal
4’ Great to Pedal
8’ Swell to Pedal
4’ Swell to Pedal

16’ Swell to Swell
Swell Unison Off
4’ Swell to Swell

16’ Swell to Great
8’ Swell to Great
4’ Swell to Great

Because the financial situation prohibited building a completely new instrument, almost all of the existing pipework was retained, rebuilt, and revoiced on slightly higher wind pressures. A new capped metal 8’ Gedeckt was added to the Swell. The formerly unsatisfactory Haskell-bass pipes in the bass of the Swell 8’ Gemshorn were replaced with softly-voiced 4’ Viola pipes, which also play Gedeckt pipes, providing a very convincing string bass without occupying additional space. The old Great 4’ Octave pipes were polished and match the 8’ Principal basses in appearance. The polished tin bass pipes of the new 8’ Principal stand front and center, with the remainder of this rank located immediately behind this façade. A new 16’ and 8’ Trumpet stop adds a much-needed reed color in both the Great and Peal divisions. Preparation has been made in the new Great windchest for future installation of a completely new III-rank Mixture when funds become available. Although by no means typical of the sound of new Buzard organs, this rebuilt instrument has breadth and depth of tone and a cohesive tonal ensemble, as well as markedly improved character of its individual stops.