First Lutheran Decatur IL 1970 Kriisa

First Lutheran Church
Decatur, Illinois

Installation of new solid state relay. This organ is unique in American organbuilding. It is the magnum opus of Harry Kriisa, an Estonian-born organbuilder whose family firm in Taalin (founded in the 19th century) still exists. At the end of World War II, Mr. Kriisa’s immigration to the United States was sponsored by the congregation of First Lutheran Church. Mr. Kriisa worked as an organbuilder in central Illinois for the remainder of his life. When the church built a new sanctuary in 1965, Mr. Kriisa constructed his largest instrument for the church, which exists today.

Buzard Organ Builders is privileged to serve as caretakers for this very interesting organ.  In 2001 we installed a new solid state relay in the organ.  In 2003-04 we made some careful tonal improvements to the instrument, including:

Completion of the Great Mixture, which was originally installed as an incomplete stop, borrowing the Great 4’ Octave, 2-2/3’ and 2’ ranks in the treble register.

Relocation of the Choir 8’ Krummhorn to a new unit windchest to be constructed in our factory, so that it will be available in the Positiv at 8’ pitch and in the Peal at 4’ pitch.

Installation of an 8’ Clarinet in the Choir in place of the Krummhorn.

Revoicing of the existing pipes 1-12 of the Pedal 16’ Trombone and construction of a new 61-note 8’ Trumpet to replace the remainder of this rank.  This stop is available at 8’ pitch in the Great and at 16’, 8’ & 4’ in the Pedal.