Private Residence Moline IL 1970 Wicks

Private Residence
Moline, Illinois

Water damaged instrument given new life

This instrument began life in 1970 as a two-rank practice instrument for a private residence in Indiana. While there, the casework surrounding the main chest was badly water damaged. The organ was subsequently moved to the third floor of a mansion in Kankakee, Illinois. A faithful Lutheran organist, who has played for churches for over 60 years, purchased the instrument for her lovely home in Moline, IL. Stuart Weber replicated the casework and improved it. A number of key contacts that were inoperable were replaced as well as a few of the mechanisms behind the drawknobs. The pedalboard was rebushed and other minor adjustments were made. The two ranks are a Gemshorn and a Copula. This lovely instrument is now in very regular use.

Stop List

Manual I
8′ Copula
4′ Gemshorn
2′ Block Flute
Manual II
8′ Gemshorn
4′ Koppel Flute
1 1/3′ Spitz Quinte
16′ Subbass
8′ Gedeckt
4′ Flute

ANALYSIS 2 ranks, Gedeckt/Koppel Flute & Gemshorn, voiced on 2” wind pressure
Main chest 84” wide x 24” deep + 36” for keyboards and pedalboard
Subbass chests installed on either side, adding 1’ each
Wooden pipes mitered to 88”, tallest Gemshorn pipe 89” floor to top of pipe