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Buzard Organs features a wide array of beautiful instruments, by a number of accomplished builders. Click a link below to explore our work in greater detail […] Read More

Parts For Sale Inventory clearance – viewable at our Service Shop E.M. Skinner components for sale Opus 340 Pedal/Great 16' Bourdon pipes 33-61 only (50-61 metal) Opus 340 16' Bourdon chest for notes 1-16 Opus 340 16' Open Diapason chest for notes 1-13 Opus 840 16' Pedal Open chest for notes 1-7 Opus 840 16' […] Read More

Sometimes things just work out. This lovely W. W. Kimball Co. organ was originally installed in the Small Preceptory of the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois.  Kimball produced so called "boxcar" organs that could be transported intact; this is a rare example of a boxcar organ. Because W. W. Kimball Co. used special mounting […] Read More

Some organ projects take a long time. In the case of this undertaking, it can perhaps be said that this project has taken 110 years! It was in 1897 that the W.W. Kimball Co. of Chicago, IL installed a two manual and pedal tubular pneumatic action pipe organ in First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.   […] Read More

When we were first contacted by the St. Andrew's Organ Committee, and asked for a plan for an instrument, their reputation as a committed Anglo-Catholic parish with incredibly fine music preceded them. Their choir, directed by Tim and M.B. Krueger, regularly offered stunning renderings of a capella renaissance and Tudor anthems, Anglican chant settings, and […] Read More