Buzard Opus 46
Fayetteville, Arkansas

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders has completed its Opus 46 new organ for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The new instrument has 44 independent speaking stops and 54 ranks of pipes distributed across three manual and pedal divisions: Great, Swell, Solo and Pedal.  A substantial portion of the Great Division (flutes, strings and reeds) is housed in its own expression box, which may be independently coupled to any other division to increase registrational flexibility.  The action utilizes electrically operated Slider & Pallet windchests.

The new pipe organ is a part of Central United Methodist Church’s impressive growth.  A Music Suite was constructed in a new building surrounding the exterior of the Church’s liturgical east end featuring rehearsal space, practice rooms, the music library and offices.  The Sanctuary was renovated to improve the acoustical environment and the Chancel was re-configured and expanded into the Nave.

The new organ’s visual component has been designed to honor the classical nature of the building’s architecture and features the large pipes of the 8-foot stops and a portion of the 16-foot Pedal Diapason.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with Music Director Frode Gundersen, Associate Director and Organist Scott Montgomery, Business manager Brian Swain and Senior Pastor Jan Davis on this exciting new instrument.

The church’s organist, Scott Montgomery, has his own YouTube channel which features a number of his fine performances on this and other organs.  One excellent example, that shows off the many fine colors of this organ, is Scott’s performance the Variations de Concert, Opus 1 by Joseph Bonnet which may be found here:

Variations de Concert, Op. 1- Joseph Bonnet | SCOTT MONTGOMERY, organ – YouTube

GREAT * = Expressive

Lieblich Gedeckt 16′*
Open Diapason 8′
Flûte á Bibèron 8′*
Gedeckt Flute 8′* (ext. 16′)
Viola da Gamba 8′ *
Principal 4′
Spire Flute 4′*
Twelfth 2 2/3′
Fifteenth 2′
Mixture IV 1 1/3′
English Horn 16′*
Trumpet 8′*
Clarinet 8′*
Vox Humana 8′*
Chimes 8’

Tromba 8′ (Ped.)
Tromba Clarion 4′ (Ped.)
Major Tuba 8′*  (Solo)

SWELL Expressive

English Open Diapason 8′
Stopped Diapason 8′
Salicional 8′
Voix Celeste (CC) 8′
Principal 4′
Harmonic Flute 4′
Nazard 2 2/3′
Octavin 2′
Doublette 2′
Tierce 1 3/5′
Grave Mixture II 2 2/3′
Plein Jeu III 1′
Bassoon 16′
Trompette 8′
Oboe 8′
Clarion 4′
Tromba 8′ (Ped.)

Major Tuba 8′ (Solo)

SOLO Expressive
Grand Open Diapason 8′
Melodia 8′
Viola da Gamba 8′
Gamba Celeste (CC) 8′
Flûte Cœlestis 8′
Principal 4′
Flûte 4′
Cornet V

Major Tuba 8′                     

Harp 8′
Celesta 4′
Chimes 8′

Double Open Diapason 32′
Subbass 32′
Lieblich Gedeckt 32′
Open Diapason 16′
Bourdon 16′
Lieblich Gedeckt 16′ (Gt)
Principal 8′
Bourdon 8′
Gedeckt Flute 8′ (Gt)
Spire Flute 8′
Choral Bass 4′
Open Flute 4′
Contra Trombone 32′
Trombone 16′
Bassoon 16′ (Sw)
Tromba 8′
Trumpet 8′
Clarion 4′
Major Tuba 8′
Chimes 8′