Organs For Sale

This 3-rank Kilgen organ was removed from a church which has closed.  It was entirely functional at the time of removal to storage in our warehouse.  The organ was enchambered with a separate free-standing console.  The organ is complete except for its swell shutters, swell frame, and expression engine, all of which were not in […] Read More

Parts For Sale Inventory clearance – viewable at our Service Shop E.M. Skinner components for sale Opus 340 Pedal/Great 16' Bourdon pipes 33-61 only (50-61 metal) Opus 340 16' Bourdon chest for notes 1-16 Opus 340 16' Open Diapason chest for notes 1-13 Opus 840 16' Pedal Open chest for notes 1-7 Opus 840 16' […] Read More

Swell to Great Tremolo Swell to Pedal Bellows Signal (deactivated) Great to Pedal Pedal Check (deactivated) Balanced Swell pedal in center of knee panel, cast with the letters “A.B.F.” Unlabeled Great piano and forte combination pedals to left and right of swell pedal Pitch A=440 at 3” w.p. Total width of the instrument is c.140”. […] Read More