Hope Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan

1965 Reuter, Opus 1502

Hope Reformed Church was founded in 1862 as one of the first English-speaking Reformed churches in Holland, Michigan (Dutch had been the primary spoken language in the area at that time). The Reuter Opus 1502 organ has faithfully served the congregation since its installation in 1965. We have been contracted to conduct the following tasks:

-Re-finish the console and install a Peterson control system.

-Re-leather all note and stop action pouches.

-Replace the choir 8′ Nason flute.

-Re-paint the existing facade pipes.

-Replace the 16′ Pedal reed.

-Re-voice the existing quintaton pipe into a 16′ Lieblich Gedeckt.

-Separate out the choir Sesquialtera into two independent mutation ranks.

-Install a flat of new non-speaking facade pipes.

-Replace pneumatic expression engines with modern electronic equipment.