Noehren Pipe Organ – Holy Spirit Lutheran Charleston SC

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Charleston, South Carolina


Relocation with significant enhancements of 1963 Noehren pipe organ.

The organ was originally located in the rear gallery of the nave of the former St. Richard of Chicester Episcopal Church, the gift of the late Edward Charles Flinn. It was built by Robert Noehren of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The original three-manual, drawknob console of walnut is of a low-profile design. The Great and Positiv divisions are duplexed and were originally on one large chest. Wind pressure is 2-1/2”. Manual compass is 56 notes (C-G); Pedal compass is 32 (C-G). Noehren played identical dedicatory recitals on the afternoon and evening of December 29, 1963. He would return to make a recording of the music of François Couperin on this organ. Originally equipped with a combination setter board, the console has since been outfitted with a multiple-memory solid state combination action. Also, a 5-bell Zimbelstern and 32’ Resultant were added in 1988.

The instrument was removed from the church and taken back to the Buzard organ factory. There it was cleaned and re-regulated. The console was refurbished and the chests inspected, cleaned and tested. Any repair to the pipe work was administered by the tonal department. The organ has gone recently to Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and there is a new façade and several ranks of new pipework.


Stop List

Great Organ (Manual II)

16 Quintade 56 pipes wood and metal, rescaled, in swell box

8 Principal 56 pipes, 1-24 new with 1-21 in façade

8 Rohrfloete 56 pipes

4 Octave 56 pipes, 1-12 new

4 Spitzfloete 56 pipes, 1-12 new

2 2/3 Nasard 56 pipes

2 Octave 56 pipes, -12 new

1 3/5 Tierce 37 pipes

1 1/3 Mixture III-IV 212 pipes

16 Dulzian tenor c from Cromorne

8 Trumpet from Posaune 16

Swell Organ (Manual III, Enclosed)

8 Bourdon 56 pipes

8 Gambe 56 pipes

8 Voix celeste 44 pipes

4 Flute Octaviante 56 pipes, 1-12 from Bourdon

2 Octavin from Flute Octaviante

2 Plein Jeu III-IV 212 pipes

8 Oboe 68 pipes, new

4 Clarion from Oboe 8


Positiv (Manual I)

8 Gedeckt 56 pipes 1-12 new

4 Koppelflute 56 pipes, new, wood and metal

2 Principal 56 pipes, 1-12 new

1 1/3 Larigot from Nasard 2 2/3

1 Scharff III 168 pipes

8 Cromorne 56 pipes



32 Resultant from Pd. Bourdon and Quintade

16 Bourdon 32 pipes, new

16 Quintade from Gt.

8 Principal 32 pipes, 1-21 new in façade

4 Octave 44 pipes

2 Octave from Pd. Octave 4

2 Mixture IV 128 pipes, new and old

16 Posaune 68 pipes, 1-12 half length

8 Trumpet from Posaune 16

4 Trumpet from Posaune 16

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Positiv to Pedal
Swell to Great 16
Swell to Great
Positiv to Great
Swell to Positiv
General Cancel (thumb)
Combination adjuster (thumb)
Memory Lock (key)
Balanced Swell expression shoe
Zimbelstern volume adjustment knob


Great and Positiv 2 ½ ”
Swell 3″
Pedal 2 ½”
New Pedal Bourdon 16 4″