Opus 45 – Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Carmel Indiana

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is pleased to announce signing of a contract for its Opus 45 Organ with Pilgrim Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Carmel, Indiana. The instrument will consist of 29 independent speaking stops and 35 ranks of pipes across two manuals and pedal. The organ will be housed in a case made of solid oak standing nearly three stories tall designed to relate to the Prairie Style of the Church’s architecture, and will feature a set of polished copper Chamade Festival Trumpets amid the polished tin flue pipes in the facade. The organ’s pointed towers and angled pipe shades mirror shapes and chevron decorations found throughout the new Church building.

The new organ will utilize our electrically operated Slider & Pallet Windchest actions, and a portion of the Great Division will be enclosed in an expression box. The movable console will feature angled stop terraces, to provide a low profile for the organist’s unimpeded vision of the choir and liturgical participants.

Pilgrim Lutheran Church selected Buzard Pipe Organ Builders more than ten years ago to build the organ, which was contingent upon them erecting a new Church building following sale of their former properties. Their Organ Committee was most impressed with our organs’ warm singing quality and tonal blend and balance, and that all of them visually marry themselves to their settings. We had the delightful and rare opportunity to work directly with architect John Munson on the design of the building. He provided ample space for the instrument and a sumptuous cubic volume of space to fill with tone, which provides for a livelier acoustic given the modest seating capacity.

The Church’s music program is directed by Cantor Sarah Gran Williams, the Church’s Project Manager is Darrell Pike. The Senior Pastor is The Rev. Alan Goertemiller. The organ is scheduled to be installed immediately following Christmas of 2016, and will be ready for use Palm Sunday, 2017.

16′ Lieblich Gedeckt*
8′ Open Diapason
8′ Flute a Biberon*
8′ Gedeckt Flute*
8′ Viola da Gamba*
4′ Principal
4′ Spire Flute*
2-2/3′ Twelfth
2′ Fifteenth
1-1/3′ Fourniture IV
16′ English Horn*
8′ Minor Trumpet (Sw)
8′ Clarinet*
8′ Festival Trumpets
* Enclosed stops
8′ Open Diapason
8′ Stopped Diapason
8′ Salicional
8′ Voix Celeste
4′ Principal
4′ Harmonic Flute
2-2/3′ Nazard
2′ Octavin
1-3/5′ Tierce
2-2/3′ Grave Mixture II
1-1/3′ Plein Jeu Ill
16′ Bassoon
8′ Trompette
8′ Oboe
4′ Clarion
8′ Festival Trumpets
16′ Open Diapason
16′ Bourdon
16′ Lieblich Gedeckt (gt)
8′ Principal
8′ Bass Flute
8′ Gedeckt Flute (gt)
4′ Choral Bass
4′ Open Flute
16′ Trombone
16′ Bassoon (sw)
8′ Trumpet
4′ Clarion (sw)