St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church, Wyoming, IL

Restoration of the 1930 Hinners Organ Company, Opus 2924.

St. Dominic Catholic Church is home to an unaltered 1930 Hinners organ, Opus 2924. Both manual divisions are under expression. All pipe work was brought back to the Champaign workshop, thoroughly cleaned, and stoppers re-leathered. The chests and chambers were cleaned off and pouch boards and primaries underneath same were removed and re-leathered. The original expression engines were retained and restored. The reservoirs were re-leathered. The pedal bourdon and lieblich gedeckt are the same ranks, the latter of which receives slightly less air to create a softer sound. This unaltered instrument stands as an example of the craftspeople who constructed it and a testament to the Hinners Organ Company, which was headquartered in Pekin, Illinois.

The organ was re-dedicated in a recital given by Katelyn Emerson on 03 October 2021.