St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Appleton, WI

1929 Schaefer Organ Company, opus 132/2002 Holtkamp, Opus 2086

St. Joseph Catholic Church features two instruments in the main sanctuary. The 1929 Schaefer organ incorporates pipework from an instrument constructed by the Wisconsin Pipe Organ Factory in 1902. The Holtkamp organ in the chancel of the main church was installed in 2002 along with a single console that unites the two instruments. On the Schaefer organ, our work has included the following:

-Replacement of the original pneumatically-driven expression system with modern equipment.

-Cleaning of all pipes, re-leathering and re-packing of stopped wood pipes, and regulation of reeds.

-Cleaning of the organ chambers.

Ongoing work on the Holtkamp includes:

-Re-voicing of pipework.

-Replacing reed pipes that were collapsing.

-Manufacturing new pipe racking.

-Installation of a new 16′ Lieblich Gedeckt rank.