Current Projects

Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is privileged to announce its selection for a new organ, and entering into an agreement for its engineering and design, with St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The new organ will be a prominent feature in the Cathedral’s upcoming renovation.  The new instrument is envisioned to have from approximately […] Read More

Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial life.  The Congregation has bonded with a Jewish Synagogue and a Muslim Mosque, purchasing land together and sharing infrastructure to create a “Tri-Faith Campus” in which Congregations from all three Abrahamic faiths live together in unity.  The Synagogue and Mosque are built; the […] Read More

1960 M. P. Möller, opus 9547 The Möller 'Artiste' was a stock model pipe organ manufactured by Möller. Opus 9547 is one such organ that was located in a private residence. When the owner indicated his intention to move, this became an opportunity to undertake some restoration work on the instrument. Tasks for this instrument […] Read More