Current Projects

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Quincy was home to a 1912 tubular-pneumatic action Wicks organ, which served the church faithfully until 2016.  An initial attempt to rebuild the organ was unsuccessful.  Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is completely rebuilding the instrument with all-new mechanical systems, including electric pull-down slider windchests for the straight manual […] Read More

St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennessee has commissioned our Opus 48.  This four manual and pedal organ is presently under construction in our factory, and is scheduled for installation in 2022. Initially it will have 50 stops and 58 ranks, including a fully enclosed 32'-16'-8' Trombone/Tromba, as well as a fully enclosed 16' Ophicleide/Tuba.  When […] Read More

Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is privileged to announce its selection for a new organ, and entering into an agreement for its engineering and design, with St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The new organ will be a prominent feature in the Cathedral’s upcoming renovation.  The new instrument is envisioned to have from approximately […] Read More

Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial life.  The Congregation has bonded with a Jewish Synagogue and a Muslim Mosque, purchasing land together and sharing infrastructure to create a “Tri-Faith Campus” in which Congregations from all three Abrahamic faiths live together in unity.  The Synagogue and Mosque are built; the […] Read More