Service Department Projects

One of our smaller projects this summer (but no less important for that) was cleaning and repairs of the two manual and pedal, 5-rank electropneumatic action organ, built in 1978 as the Opus 11,248 of the M.P. Möller Organ Company, installed in First United Methodist Church, Griggsville IL. In addition to repairing the tremulant and […] Read More

The community of faith in Pekin, Illinois known as Our Savior's Lutheran church, have had a Wicks pipe organ to serve them in song and service for many years.  Recently, however it became apparent that the church should update the relay of the organ and install a solid-state system.  Buzard has been hired to carry […] Read More

The Wicks pipe organ of Peace Lutheran church in Thomasboro, Illinois has served the congregation faithfully for many years.  It has become evident that it was time to provide the instrument with a new multiplex system.  This system controls the instrument and is the interface between the organist and the organ pipes.  The Buzard team […] Read More

The people of Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette, Michigan have chosen the Buzard company to carry out tonal improvements, as well as upgrades to the console, of their 1977 Casavant pipe organ (opus 3356).  Work includes console rebuilding; cleaning, repairs, and re-regulation of all pipework; and restoration of wind system components, with completion in the […] Read More

The Wicks pipe organ at First Baptist Church in Davenport Iowa received a new switching system and new console as part of its most recent organ project.  Our Service Department console specialist Stuart Weber directed the project […] Read More

John-Paul Buzard was commissioned to do extensive additions and tonal adjustments to the Schantz organ at St. John United Methodist Church in Atlanta.  As part of this project, new slider chests were created for the Great Division.     Further new pipes for a Great Flute a Biberon, Blockflute, Twelfth, Fifteenth and Mixture were added.  […] Read More

The Great Windchest grid being cleaned in the shop before being flooded with glue. The Organ Historical Society has designated this a "National Heritage Pipe Organ" and Dr. Derek Nickels offered a recital on the instrument at which the citation was unveiled Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the church.   The Great […] Read More

Grace United Methodist Church in Rockford, Illinois has an instrument that has served them faithfully for many years. Originally installed in the church's former sanctuary in 1916 as Henry Pilcher’s Sons Opus 924, the organ has been much altered but retains all of its original pipework with some additions.  In 2021 and 2022, the pipework […] Read More

Above the 1922 Echo Bourdon is in the Hickory Street shop for replacing the leather stoppers. John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders is proud to continue to serve this congregation and their fine instrument in its ongoing restoration.  This component of the project is the releathering of the pouchboards of the Solo Echo and Echo Pedal […] Read More

St. John Lutheran Church, Champaign, Illinois owns a 1976 Reuter.  John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ builders have again been commissioned to perform the second and final phase of tonal re-engineering. St. John's upgrade of an organ installed in 1976 started in 2012 with a rebuilt console, new control system and tonal re-engineering. At a pastor's conference soon thereafter, […] Read More