Featured Rebuilds

Since 1983, Plymouth Church in Milwaukee has enjoyed the sounds of its electric-slider-action pipe organ.  It has served the congregation well in the past 30 years.  However, tastes change and things wear out.  Because of this, it had become apparent that some significant work should be directed to the instrument to update the console technology, […] Read More

Please enjoy this video walking through the organ! Removing the bottom note of the wood Open Diapason from the original front chamber! The photo is our Tonal Director's sketch of the expanded façade, taking the 19th-century case and expanding it to encompass the entire instrument […] Read More

Sometimes things just work out. This lovely W. W. Kimball Co. organ was originally installed in the Small Preceptory of the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois.  Kimball produced so called "boxcar" organs that could be transported intact; this is a rare example of a boxcar organ. Because W. W. Kimball Co. used special mounting […] Read More

Some organ projects take a long time. In the case of this undertaking, it can perhaps be said that this project has taken 110 years! It was in 1897 that the W.W. Kimball Co. of Chicago, IL installed a two manual and pedal tubular pneumatic action pipe organ in First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.   […] Read More

I am proud to showcase a recently completed and challenging renovation project successfully accomplished by our Service and Tonal Departments, to give you a glimpse into the depth of our firm, and the differing types of projects which we regularly and successfully undertake. We have developed an outstanding national reputation for new organs, and are […] Read More

  Buzard Pipe Organ Builders has completed renovations and restorations to the Wurlitzer Theater Organ from the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, IL. The Wurlitzer Style 185 was first installed without a Tibia, as was the fashion in 1921; as the Tibia color became an essential component of movie theater organ accompaniment sound, the owners had […] Read More