St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennessee is home to our Opus 48.  This four manual and pedal organ has 58 ranks, including a fully enclosed 32'-16'-8' Trombone/Tromba, as well as a fully enclosed 16' Ophicleide/Tuba.  When all preparations are ultimately installed (including a 9-rank Antiphonal division) the instrument will have 65 stops and 73 ranks. […] Read More

Countryside Community Church has begun an exciting new chapter in its ministerial life.  The Congregation has bonded with a Jewish Synagogue and a Muslim Mosque, purchasing land together and sharing infrastructure to create a “Tri-Faith Campus” in which Congregations from all three Abrahamic faiths live together in unity.  The Synagogue and Mosque are built; the […] Read More

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders has completed its Opus 46 new organ for Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The new instrument has 44 independent speaking stops and 54 ranks of pipes distributed across three manual and pedal divisions: Great, Swell, Solo and Pedal.  A substantial portion of the Great Division (flutes, strings and […] Read More

Pilgrim Lutheran Church selected Buzard Pipe Organ Builders more than ten years ago to build the organ, which was contingent upon them erecting a new Church building following sale of their former properties. Their Organ Committee was most impressed with our organs’ warm singing quality and tonal blend and balance, and that all of them […] Read More

This new three manual and pedal organ has 47 independent speaking stops and 61 ranks of pipes and incorporates several sets of pipes from the Church’s former organ, a 19th Century Johnson which was heavily modified in the 1970’s. It incorporates the best components of the former organ’s façade blended with new pipes to present […] Read More

The new organ at St. Bridget Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia is the 42nd new organ to come from the workshop of John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders in Champaign, Illinois. It was completed on October 1st 2013, and inaugurated by Ken Cowan in concert on November 15th. The organ’s visual design was guided by the […] Read More

  Please enjoy Katelyn Emerson playing Widor's Toccata on this marvelous organ! The new Gallery Organ at Saint Vincent’s of 51 stops and 72 ranks of pipes was installed beginning in July, 2014 and completed in October, having spent the previous year and a half in construction. The Basilica is home to Saint Vincent Archabbey, […] Read More