Revoicing, replacement of all reed stops, tonal additions, new façade casework, rebuilding of actions, 45 ranks, three manuals and pedal, electric-slider action […] Read More

Complete rebuild of 1922 Hinners organ, opus 2630 - 25 stops across two manuals and pedal, restored ventil manual windchests, added new pedal windchests, added new pipework, renovated existing console […] Read More

The main recital instrument of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana is in Smith Hall and is a Casavant of 71 ranks, three manuals and pedal. Constructed and installed 32' Untersatz, 32' Kontra Posaune. Installed Voix Humaine 8' in Swell and new windchest actions to split Pedal Mixtur V into two mixtures. Rebuilt all key […] Read More

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The console was completely rebuilt. A new solid state relay was installed, as well as all new wiring throughout the organ. All reservoirs, winkers, and tremolos were restored. The exposed Great division was replanted on a new electric action slider chest. A new 8' Trumpet was built and installed for the Great division […] Read More

Buzard Pipe Organ Builders was privileged to complete a major rebuilding project of the organ at Kenwood United Methodist Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The church's 1928/1948 Austin organ underwent the following repairs and improvements. Mechanical restoration of the front organ. Replacement of the console and relay. New chestwork for the Solo. A new 5-stop electropneumatic […] Read More

This organ is unique in American organbuilding.  It is the magnum opus of Harry Kriisa, an Estonian-born organbuilder whose family firm in Taalin (founded in the 19th century) still exists. At the end of World War II, Mr. Kriisa’s immigration to the United States was sponsored by the congregation of First Lutheran Church.  Mr. Kriisa […] Read More

The organ at University Lutheran church was originally installed in 1963 by E. H. Holloway of Indianapolis. When we first examined the organ in the fall of 2002, it stood in need of a complete mechanical overhaul. After discussions with the church’s organ committee and consultant, it was agreed that a complete rebuilding project would […] Read More