This 1974 two manual and pedal mechanical action practice organ was originally installed at a University in Minnesota.  If passed into private hands and was acquired by Buzard in 2015.  After extensive rehabilitation, and the installation of the prepared-for 4' Flute (and stop action) on Manual I, the organ was delivered to the University of […] Read More

Since 1983, Plymouth Church in Milwaukee has enjoyed the sounds of its electric-slider-action pipe organ.  It has served the congregation well in the past 30 years.  However, tastes change and things wear out.  Because of this, it had become apparent that some significant work should be directed to the instrument to update the console technology, […] Read More

Please enjoy this video walking through the organ! Removing the bottom note of the wood Open Diapason from the original front chamber! The photo is our Tonal Director's sketch of the expanded façade, taking the 19th-century case and expanding it to encompass the entire instrument […] Read More

Sometimes things just work out. This lovely W. W. Kimball Co. organ was originally installed in the Small Preceptory of the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois.  Kimball produced so called "boxcar" organs that could be transported intact; this is a rare example of a boxcar organ. Because W. W. Kimball Co. used special mounting […] Read More

Tonal re-engineering of existing Wicks organ […] Read More

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Dwight, Illinois Verlinden Organ, circa 1925, rebuilt John-Paul Buzard 1994 7 Ranks […] Read More

First Presbyterian Church Normal, Illinois Schantz Organ rebuilt & enlarged Buzard Pipe Organ Builders 1994, Opus 13-R […] Read More

Tonal re-engineering and revoicing of 45-stop Moller organ, electic style with an English accent […] Read More

14 ranks, two manuals and pedal, tubular-pneumatic action. Tonal revisions, action renovations. Commended by Organ Historical Society, 1986 […] Read More

New mechanical action organ, 11 stops across two manuals and pedal utilizing some mechanical components from former mechanical action organ, November 1990 (Since the mechanical systems were retained from the previous instrument, no Buzard opus number was assigned to this project.) […] Read More