This 1974 two manual and pedal mechanical action practice organ was originally installed at a University in Minnesota.  If passed into private hands and was acquired by Buzard in 2015.  After extensive rehabilitation, and the installation of the prepared-for 4' Flute (and stop action) on Manual I, the organ was delivered to the University of […] Read More

Bethlehem Lutheran Church made the decision to move into a new building.   As part of their relocation, they have planned for a future school and retirement community as well as walking paths!  The first component of the site is a new sanctuary, which included in the planning the relocation of their present instrument, which has […] Read More

This organ was restored by Buzard Pipe Organ Builders before being installed in its new home. Two Manual 1945 Möller Artiste, Opus 7212 3 ranks, electropneumatic action Great 8 Diapason Conique 8 Lieblich Gedeckt 8 Salicional 4 Octave Conique 2 2/3 Quint 2 Super Octave Swell to Great Swell 8 Lieblich Gedeckt 8 Salicional 8 […] Read More

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3 ranks This Möller Artiste Opus 7687 from 1948 has now found itself a new home in the St. Xavier Chapel at the Blanchette Center, Diocese of Joliet.  The elegant chapel with warm acoustics is a superb aural environment for this lovely instrument.  The organ and room serve the staff of the Diocesan offices for […] Read More

Tonal re-engineering of existing Wicks organ […] Read More

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This two manual and pedal 7-rank instrument was cleaned and relocated from a practice room at the University of Illinois to the music room of University Laboratory High School in Urbana […] Read More

The parish music director acquired the Möller 2-rank "Chandelier" division that originally had been installed in the Moller factory erecting room. Buzard Pipe Organ Builders was selected to install and connect this unique equipment to the church's 1968 Wicks instrument. This included: installation of necessary additional solid state equipment for the chandelier unit to be […] Read More

This is an absolutely first-class instrument, built in 1891 as the Opus 1481 of the preeminent Boston firm of Hook & Hastings. Its playing mechanism is still working well after over a century of service, which has included the instrument’s relocation from its original location at the front of the chapel. Unfortunately, a 1980’s overhaul […] Read More