Tonal Enhancements

This 1974 two manual and pedal mechanical action practice organ was originally installed at a University in Minnesota.  If passed into private hands and was acquired by Buzard in 2015.  After extensive rehabilitation, and the installation of the prepared-for 4' Flute (and stop action) on Manual I, the organ was delivered to the University of […] Read More

John-Paul Buzard was commissioned to do extensive additions and tonal adjustments to the Schantz organ at St. John United Methodist Church in Atlanta.  As part of this project, new slider chests were created for the Great Division.     Further new pipes for a Great Flute a Biberon, Blockflute, Twelfth, Fifteenth and Mixture were added.  […] Read More

St. John Lutheran Church, Champaign, Illinois owns a 1976 Reuter.  John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ builders have again been commissioned to perform the second and final phase of tonal re-engineering. St. John's upgrade of an organ installed in 1976 started in 2012 with a rebuilt console, new control system and tonal re-engineering. At a pastor's conference soon thereafter, […] Read More

The oldest extant Reuter organ, the Reuter-Schwarz Opus 2 is found in Trinity Episcopal Church in Mattoon, IL.  When the organ was built, the Reuter-Schwarz Organ company was in business in Trenton, IL.   The Buzard team has cared for the instrument, and when the organ company, and the instrument, celebrated its centennial in 1917, Buzard […] Read More

Bethlehem Lutheran Church made the decision to move into a new building.   As part of their relocation, they have planned for a future school and retirement community as well as walking paths!  The first component of the site is a new sanctuary, which included in the planning the relocation of their present instrument, which has […] Read More

Major tonal overhaul and comprehensive revoicing including installation of ten new ranks. The organ that has been relocated to St. Timothy’s Church was first installed in First Baptist Church in Decatur, IL in 1967, and subsequently enlarged, by the Wicks Organ Company. In 1997, Buzard Pipe Organ Builders completed a major tonal overhaul of the […] Read More

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Dwight, Illinois Verlinden Organ, circa 1925, rebuilt John-Paul Buzard 1994 7 Ranks […] Read More

First Presbyterian Church Normal, Illinois Schantz Organ rebuilt & enlarged Buzard Pipe Organ Builders 1994, Opus 13-R […] Read More

The organ at St. Mary’s Church, Kickapoo, IL was built c.1900 by the firm of Hinners of Pekin, IL for an unknown purchaser, and subsequently moved to its present location. The organ has been cared for by Buzard Pipe Organ Builders since 1987. In 1988 a new electric blower was installed, as were additional pipes […] Read More

[…] Read More